Nateev Knowledge Solutions offers user-centric tools and solutions for companies utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Technologies.
Nateev Knowledge Solutions

Portal Orientation

Using Microsoft SharePoint is a great way to make sure all your important information is kept in a central location, well protected and accessible in a strictly secured manner. Creating sites for document management and areas for team collaboration is easy and productive.

However, real life usage of these capabilites results in a comprehensive structure of areas, sites and libraries. Finding your way to the right page is sometimes much harder than you expect it to be. Knowing which libraries are under what site might become a tedious effort.

Nateev's portal orientation Web Parts are the answer to these problems. Just choose the right one for the task, and you are set to go: dive safely into your information - with Nateev's Web Parts you always know where you are and where you are going to.


Lost inside a maze of seemingly inaccessible information? Hundreds of man-hours have gone into entering your important data but what use is it if it can't be found?

Nateev Breadcrumbs are your Hansel and Gretel by displaying a trail from the root to the current location. Similar to a folder path in Windows, ease of use is guaranteed.


Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt. In the case of Microsoft products, familiarity equals immediate recognition and thus the ultimate ease of use.

Nateev Locators offer Microsoft SharePoint users a familiar hierarchy for navigating the portal.


Lost in a sea of data?

Let Nateev Navigators be your North Star, giving you a single point from which to access files, tasks, projects and whatever else you need. Utilizing a hierarchal structure familiar to all Windows users, you can now access all your data in one glance and one click.