Nateev Knowledge Solutions offers user-centric tools and solutions for companies utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Technologies.
Nateev Knowledge Solutions

Information Display

So many tasks and issues, so little time - but with your current software how can you tell? As project manager determining the status of tasks and issues is a time consuming chore, a seldom achievable goal.
Nateev offers one-click graphic display of task distribution and status.

Task Viewers

Can you tell how many tasks are still open? which have gone overdue and which is right on schedule?
With Nateev Task Viewer Web Part you can tell immediately which tasks are urgent, how your project is doing, and who is the employee with the most tasks waiting to get done. This makes managing the project easier.

Issue Viewers

With Nateev Issue Viewer Web Part you would be able to tell the current status of your issues at a single glance.
Know which issues are assigned to whom, and which are still not resolved.

Survey Viewers

One man - one vote, but who won?!
Nateev Survey Viewers will put a visual spin on your in-house democratic process.