Nateev Knowledge Solutions offers user-centric tools and solutions for companies utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Technologies.
Nateev Knowledge Solutions

Nateev Web Parts for Developers

Nateev realizes that Microsoft SharePoint based business portals are dynamic and modular, reflecting the specific needs and business rules of the company. Successful portal implementations are custom tailored to fit the exact requirements and specifications. SharePoint's architecture lends itself to such customizations, allowing the synergy of existing and custom developed Web Parts, together making the portal a single entity.

Nateev offers SharePoint developers and system integrators tools to help them create and customize SharePoint portals; lines of fundamental Web Parts are available, addressing some common needs SharePoint portal developers are facing. All these Web Parts are using the standard SharePoint architecture for Web Parts communication, making them modular and flexible, and allowing developers to use them in conjunction with other 3rd party available Web Parts or with in house developed Web Parts, in essentially any SharePoint portal page.


A SharePoint portal is made of Sites, Areas, Pages, Lists, Libraries and documents, to name a few of the most common components. Each item has its own unique address, which you can use to access it, show it to the user, or open it in an application.

Nateev Browsers gives you a simple, intuitive and familiar interface letting your users tell you where they want to go or what information they would like to use.


You have gathered the data, analyzed it and turned it into valuable information. All that is left to be done is display this information to the user in a professional way, making sure she sees the full picture in a single glance.

Nateev Viewers give you the graphical tools you need to make the information visible to your user.