Nateev Knowledge Solutions offers user-centric tools and solutions for companies utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Technologies.
Nateev Knowledge Solutions
For the curious, Nateev means a path or a way - in this case a pathway to realizing the very best for your company.

Change your portal from an entryway to the way to do business

Nateev Knowledge Solutions offers the best way to seamlessly integrate our highly functional and graphic time and task displays, project tracking tools and portal navigation with your current SharePoint environment. This expanded suite of services is intuitive, familiar and cost effective.
Nateev SharePoint Admin

Featured Product — Nateev SharePoint Admin

Your portal, like a healthy tree, grows new branches every day. Yet you still have only one pair of eyes to look over it and one set of hands to trim where needed.
Additional Ways
Nateev offers a full suite of portal navigation tools. Check out which one is right for you.
Looking for a better way to look at your issues? Nateev has what you need.
Going Your Way
Think outside the box:
Nateev optimizes knowledge structures and solutions for a diverse clientele.
Contact us for details.
Doing It Your Way
Customized solutions based on Nateev's technologies may be appropriate for some clients.
See the products designed for developers to see how you can use them in your application.